About TWT Digital Health

TWT Digital Health – the expert for digital healthcare: pioneering e-health solutions, medical software, healthcare-apps and healthcare marketing.

We specialise in the requirements and special features of the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries. With an experienced team of consultants, developers and creative minds, we implement top-level e-business-projects and combine process competence, creativity and technology with solid sectoral expertise in the process. We use state-of-the-art technology to get your message to the relevant target group.

What's more, we incorporate the high standard of company guidelines and quality standards of the industry and offer standard medical software services for digital health projects (certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485).

In Figures

years of experience with digital healthcare projects

experts for innovative e-health solutions

percent of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies are among our customers



In a fast-paced technological world we take a long-term approach. We have been in business long enough to distinguish short-term trends from long-term tendencies.


We regard our clients as partners and ourselves as team-members. As e-business experts, we use our knowledge and experience to contribute to our clients' success.


Due to the continuity of our relations with our employees and clients, we are able to solve complex tasks convincingly and permanently.



Where did our name xmachina come from?

Our name comes from the term "Deus ex machina". This originally means the appearance of a deity with the use of stage machinery in ancient tragedies. We liked the idea that people can solve (almost) all problems with the help of machinery. :-)

Deus ex ma|ch|ina [-x-; »Gott aus der Maschine«] the god sent from heaven in ancient stage dramas to solve dramatic events; in the wider sense: an unexpected helper in a plight.