Digital medical services: requirements and potential

E-health solutions are revolutionizing the healthcare market

von Michael Grüterich

<a href="/en/news/autoren/michael-grueterich/">Michael Grüterich</a>

A survey (BKK Dachverband) has found that the majority of people are open to using digital health services. Patients are increasingly using health apps and googling their complaints, and healthy people are also managing their health with the help of digital services. 20 percent of Germans currently already use a digital medical service, for example a coaching or treatment app, and 65 percent believe the constant availability of personal health information is important.

Requirements for digital medical services

"Health software and apps must meet particularly strict requirements as they deal with the sensitive health data of users", says Klaus Mueller, CEO of TWT Digital Health. "However, the stores are full of products that do not take the protection of that data seriously enough – and users do not have a clear overview of what products meet what standards." For 52 percent of respondents, that is reason enough not to use online services at all.

E-Health offers new opportunities in the healthcare market

Yet they need not give up those service for, as Mueller explains, "when done well, e-health solutions in every area and for every target group can offer real value". New technologies enable patients to manage a large part of their health care themselves. The solutions available monitor patients’ state of health and can improve treatment adherence, and can also facilitate diagnosis and treatment for doctors.

Best practice for the secure management of health data

On behalf of an international pharmaceutical company, we manage a platform to improve treatment adherence for a particular drug. In our role as IaaS provider with ISO 13485 certification, we provide managed services and are thus responsible for a range of operating and deployment processes to ensure legal compliance in the storage and processing of patient data. More on the case study "Safe handling of patient data" ...

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