Marketing Automation

The personalised approach to potential clients, converting contacts into leads and converting leads into clients is becoming increasingly important in daily practice. This development poses new challenges for companies. TWT Digital Health faces these with you and has a ready-made solution.

Potential clients only want that information that is really relevant to them and this is where marketing automation starts. It helps clients observe, analyse or evaluate user behaviour on a website or when they receive an email in order to then offer potential clients customised information – fully automatically.

In campaigns, users and workflows define sequences of actions which potential clients automatically use with relevant content. User behaviour, such as opening emails, downloading white papers or brochures, registering for webinars, initiates new steps and stages in the campaign process. Further information is transmitted automatically and is even followed up automatically. Individual newsletters can be prepared and sent too.

Campaign Automation with Oracle Eloqua

In order to make marketing automation possible, software platforms are used with which marketing processes run automatically. TWT Digital Health works with the high-performance "Eloqua" marketing automation solution from Oracle.

Functions of Marketing Automation

  • databases
  • web controlling
  • communication
  • workflows
  • CRM synchronization

This is how efficient marketing campaigns are planned and implemented today.

Our services

  • planning and servicing campaigns
  • lead generation
  • lead nurturing
  • converting existing clients into new clients
  • re-activating address files
  • planning campaigns and integrating Eloqua projects.

If you would like direct, customised and efficient communications with your target groups in future as well, please contact us.

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Knowing what clients need

Find out how important the element marketing automation is in the healthcare sector.

Knowing what clients need