Professional domain management is a major part of brand management.

The value and significance of domain names are way beyond purely technical. Domains represent the high intangible value of the company and product names. They are also a valuable marketing tool and a means for the technical operation of the corporate infrastructure (website and email traffic). It is precisely these sensitive assets that should be used in the best way possible for the company and also protected against misuse by third parties.

Basic Rules of Domain Management

  1. Domain management is a strategic task of the executive board
  2. Analyze your domain portfolio
  3. Define the strategic direction of your Internet presence
  4. Consolidate your domains – legally and technically
  5. Retrieve missing domains through purchase or legal action
  6. Domain-specific issues should be addressed by specialists

Our Services

  • Individual domain management
  • Domain registration
  • Security and trademark rights
  • Billing

Our domain-law partner

It is important to have a memorable domain name in order to lead numerous visitors to your website. But primarily, the domain name is an important protective tool. Our domain-law partner is Angela Mueller, a law firm specializing in trademark, domain, design and competition law in Heidelberg.

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